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Would you like to visit Dealer B’s homeland?
Brazzaville – Republik Kongo
From Berlin take Ethiopian Airlines through Vienna to Maya-Maya Airport in Brazzaville. Busses to the inner city are available upon arrival. Diamir Erlebnisreisen travel agency in Dresden can help with booking.
The capital city of the Republic of the Congo, with 1.8 million inhabitants.
Address: 381 rue du Ruisseau Centreville – Brazzaville (T) 0242 069727082 – An airport-hotel within walking distance of Maya-Maya Airport’s terminal exits. The mid-sized facilities meet international standards. A room with TV, air conditioning, and Wifi rents for 60€.
Hotel Africa
Address: 41, Rue Kouyou – Brazzaville (T) 0242 - 222600103 – Led by a french manager, the rooms in this four-story building start at 100€. Rooms include TV, high-speed internet, balcony.
Address: Avenue Amilcar Cabral Centre-Ville – Brazzaville (T) 0242 050506060 – Directly on the Kongo river with a view of neighboring Kinshasa, this high-rise is among the most luxurious addresses in the country. With pool. Rooms from 200€.
Address: Avenue des Anciens Enfants de Troupe – Brazzaville (T) 0242 066136060 – Restaurant with good service.
Address: Across from the Memorial Pierre Savorgnan de Brazza. Restaurant with upscale prices and a view of the Kongo River.
Address: Avenue du Général de Gaulle – Brazzaville (T) 0242 222810915 – On a side-street of the Boulevard Denis Sassou Nguesso, here you find a range of Congolese cousine. The house specialty is Kossa-Kossa.
Local Travel Agents
Address: Avenue Charles de Gaulle – Brazzaville (T) 0242 044700505 – Small travel agency that offers assistance with visa questions as well as national and international travel.
Address: (T) 0242 055936905 Based in Kinshasa, it also offers tours of Brazzaville, expeditions in the Congo and the rainforest, as well as guided tours of Kinshasa and Brazzaville.