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Would you like to visit Dealer D’s homeland?
Bissary Dioub (Bissari) - Senegal
Royal Air Maroc flies from Berlin through Casablanca to Banjul International Airport. From there it’s a two hour drive to Bissary Dioub. TAZ.Reisen in die Zivilgesellschaft, Gate to Africa or the Münchener Reiseanbieter Studiosus can bring you around the area.
Bissary Dioub is a small collection of houses on the banks of the river Saloum, a tributary of the Casamance.
Address: The nearest overnight accommodation is ca. 5km away, at the intersection of the Trans-Gambia Highway with the R22 (T) 0221784949907. A plain hotel on the highway with air conditioning, a conference hall, and only restaurant in the surrounding area.