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Would you like to visit Dealer L’s homeland?
Medina Saho - Wuli E – Gambia
Royal Air Maroc brings you to Banjul International Airport (in Yundum), with a layover in Casablanca, Morocco. From there continue via taxi or boat to the country’s inland. Both Gate to Africa Reisen and der Lernidee Erlebnisreisen GmbHoffer trips to Gambia.
Medina Saho Wuli is a small village on the North Bank Road.
Bring appropriate camping equipment, such as mosquito nets. Be sure to bring enough food. Citizens of western countries face a high risk of terrorist attacks and kidnapping, especially at these regularly visited locations. The danger of victimization via booby traps (mines, etc), kidnapping, or other violence is considerable in the Sahel-Sahara-Region.