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Would you like to visit Dealer M’s homeland?
Timbuktu – Mali
Lufthansa flies from Hamburg to Mali’s capital Bamako. From there the rest of the trip must be independently organized – an all-terrain vehicle is suggested. The route is approximately 1000 km. Citizens of western countries face a high risk of terrorist attacks and kidnapping, especially at these regularly visited locations. The danger of victimization via booby traps (mines, etc), kidnapping, or other violence is considerable in the Sahel-Sahara-Region.
Timbuktu is an oasis city in the Sahara with approximately 50,000 inhabitants.
(T) 0223-79426947. On the northern border of the city, without electricity. The ground is covered in desert sand, and guests sleep on mattresses in the inner courtyard or in the only room in the guest house. Attentive and helpful staff.
Near to the route to Kabara in the south of the city. A clean establishment with a large lounge. Popular with international guests.
Central, with large rooms and showers. To keep insects out, door cracks should be sealed. Swimming pool and robust Malinese cooking.
A restaurant known for african beers and political discussion. Open until the early hours of the morning.
Poulet d`or Restaurant
The best chicken breast is served here, roasted in banana beer. A meeting point for locals.
Le Souvenir
A café with excellent desserts.