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Panel Discussions

Drug Dealing as Labor – Panel Discussion

This panel considered illegal drug selling in public spaces as work and how the subject is characterized in media, where a range of fears and racist stereotypes are excited and bolstered. It aimed to explore the topic's complexity with a focus on the issues of visibility, crime, drug use and trade, working conditions and disenfranchisement. Panelists not only addressed problems but sought to advance imaginable political solutions.

Introduction of Dr. Massimo Perinelli, here.

Prof. Dr. Monika Mokre – political scientist and refugee-activist, Austrian Academy of Sciences - Vienna
Ralf Köhnlein – Fixpunkt e.V.
Scott Holmquist – artist
Moro Yapha – radio announcer, educator and activist at ‘We Are Born Free’ Radio
Moderation: Antje Kretzschmer – criminologist and cultural scientist

Simultaneous translation: Frank Thomas – translator
Judith Rückner – activist and lecturer at Alice Salomon University

Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung Salon
11 January 2018

Drug Dealers as Objects of Societal Hate – Panel discussion

Organized by Scott Holmquist Studio as part of the Other Homelands exhibition, a discussion of bigotry against – and hatred of – drug dealers that serves to legitimize different forms of racism. In addition to considerations of media stereotypes reinforced by drug selling's illegality. It raised questions about public perception and new approaches to the subject.

Josephine Apraku – cultural scientist in African studies and co-director of the Institute for Discrimination-Free Education (IDB)
Leandra Balke – BA Sociology, University of Hamburg
Maximilian Plenert – board member at Akzeptanz e.V. and scientific associate at the German Cannabis Association
Tahir Della – activist at Initiative Schwarze Menschen in Deutschland and Glokal Association, Berlin
Moderation: Jost Neumann – communications consultant

List of anti-racist groups participating or presenting materials.

Aquarium (Südblock)
6 January 2018

Deutscher Hanf Verband
Initiative Schwarze Menschen in Deutschland Bund e.V.
Institut für diskriminierungsfreie Bildung

We Are Born Free – Live Radio Show

As part of the exhibition, political activist and refugee Moro Yapha streamed the “We are born free!” radio program from the Kreuzberg Museum, with show co-hosts Muhammad Lamin Jadama, Petros Byansi and moderators Julia Stier and Florian Kohler.

Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg Museum
26 November 2017


Görlitzer Park in the Backlight - Conversations about Neighborhood, Scandal Pictures and Politics

Separate from the exhibition, the Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg District organized this panel in response to the Other Homelands exhibition. The subject was today's Görlitzer Park, which has been frequently portrayed as a danger-zone, in the past and present, not least because of the highly visible drug trafficking. At the same time, the place has been, and remains, a place for people newly arriving in Berlin to settle and integrate.

More recently, the city-district has struggled with reduced public resources, neighbourhood gentrification and the accompanying displacement of tenants. A simultaneous influx of more well-off residents on the one hand and refugees, with or without residence status, on the other. As a result, factual, "home-made" and media-constructed problems have flourished unresolved. Often concealing the normal everyday life in and around Görlitzer Park. The panel discussion wanted to look beyond the scandals associated with Görlitzer Park.

Florian Fleischmann – Foundation Board for the Park Council of the Görlitzer Park
Cengiz Demirci – Parkmanager, Görlitzer Park
Clara Hermann – City Councillor for Cultural Affairs, Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg
Stefan Höhne – TU Berlin, Center for Metropolitan Studies
Moderation: Shelly Kupferberg – freelance journalist

Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg Museum
14 January 2018 Sunday